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Moths are harmless to humans. But the infestation of moths at home will spoil things. So if you are exacerbated with moth infestation at your home or office place then contact Pest Control Hornsby. Therefore, moths are causing damage to the fabrics, carpets, and clothes at the office and work environment.  

If you find moth infestation at your property then our professionals will help you to get rid of moths. We have the best to perform the moth control Hornsby. 

How Moths Enter Your Place?

Moths can enter your home and office place from open windows and doors. Hence moths are very small in size and they can pass through tiny holes. Different varieties of moth cause infestation. Therefore, taking professional moth control services are important.

Different Varieties Of Moths

Most commonly found Moth Species in Hornsby

Moths are seen in different varieties of structural forms. Specially moths were found in covered and darker places. Hence, moths feed to their larvae on the threads of the cloth. Most of the moth species prefer high temperatures for laying eggs. 

  • Pantry Moths

These moths are very small in size. Especially these moths laying their eggs on food items. Hence this species can eat cardboard and plastic, therefore they can infest sealed food.

  • Brown House Moths

These species are mostly found in high temperatures. Because of their brown head, they are called Brown House Moths. These species are laying their eggs on processed food. However, these moths like to eat seeds, starch-containing food, and grains. And mostly these moth species spoil food boxes. 

  • Mediterranean flour moths

These moths nourish themselves with the help of grains and flour. Hence, In the larval stage, moths infest in grains. Therefore, they will attract human consumable things. This species is mostly found in warm places. 

  • White Moths

These moths are more attracted to strong sweet-smelling flowers. Especially those flowers that bloom overnight. Hence, these moths have big wings, because of that, they can fly very fastly.

  • Luna Moths

These moths are more active at night time. Although very rarely you can see them in a day. These species are mostly seen in tree-covered environments. This species structure is very pretty.

Why Should You Consider Us For Moth Control Hornsby?

  • Professional Staff: Our well-trained staff is highly qualified. They are serving customer-friendly treatment plans for Moth control service. We have all registered moth exterminators. 
  • Standard Quality: We are giving the best quality of moth control service in Hornsby and nearby places. We are using all updated technological ways to get rid of moths.
  • Affordability: Our moth control services are cost-effective. Therefore, we are giving the best results for moth control in your property in Hornsby.
  •  24 By 7 Availability: We are always open to your help. You can contact us at any time for a moth control service in Hornsby. Hence, we can provide same-day services for you. 

Most Popular Moth Control Services in Hornsby

  • Emergency Moth Control Service 

We are always ready to give you the best Moth control service at Hornby and nearby places. You can contact us for our emergency moth control team, who same-day will reach out to our place for speedy service. 

  • Domestic Moth Control service

Moths will not harm humans, but they spoil goods and fabrics from households. Our team will do a complete inspection for moth infestation at your property. And our team will provide you a treatment plan accordingly to address the moths. 

  • Same Day Moth Control Service

If you are in trouble with moths at our home and office place, then contact us for short notice and same-day moth control services. We can help you to get rid of varieties of the moth at your place. Our professionals will reach your place very quickly irrespective of the level of infestation.

  • Pre-purchase Moth Inspection

If you want to do a moth inspection at your property before purchasing, please do call us. Hence, we have well skills and knowledgeable staff, they will visit you to address the moth. Therefore, they will advise you on a moth control plan with affordable prices in Hornby.


Q. Are your Moth control treatment plans safe for children and the kitchen area?

Yes, we are using eco-friendly chemicals and solutions for treating moths. Although we are recommending to keep children away and cover your food properly. When we are visiting your place for the treatment. 

Q. Are your Moth control plans affordable or low price?

Yes, of course. We have all cost-effective plans for Moth control. We provide standard service for low cost in Hornsby.

Q. How often should moth control services be necessary for Hornsby?

You can call us once every three months. Hence, if you don’t feel the need for treatment, you can do regular moth inspection service at your place in Hornsby and nearby places.